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Before starting any development work I take the time to learn and understand your business vision, goals and target audience to create a concise vision and direction. I then use a concise website design process to ensure the final outcome not only performs well for your business, but also looks good.
Designing an effective website is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, thought, care and attention to ensure the final website design targets the correct audience, broadcasts the right message, and reaches your business goals. A poorly designed website will have a negative effect on the perception of your business, however, a carefully designed website can transform a business by attracting the right people.  I want your website to make a great first impression.

Below I have provided an overview of my in-depth website design process, which I believe delivers the very best and most effective results to help boost your businesses online presence. I’m confident in my service and training and am proud of the positive testimonials received from each client at the end of a project. Want to get started or know more? Contact me.

1. Research & Discovery Stage

In order to develop the perfect website design that targets the correct market and broadcasts the right message, I need to grasp a strong understanding of your business and its audience. To do this at the start of the project I will send you a website design questionnaire, which has been created to find out as much as possible about your business and it’s target audience. Based on your responses I will create a list of objectives that need to be met by the website design, and agree on this with you before proceeding further. This list of objectives forms the design brief and site map, which will be used as a foundation for the decisions made during the design stage.

One of the most important parts of the design process is research and discovery. This is where I will research and study your company, its online presence so far, and the competition.  I will also research the groups and individuals you aim to target, and the industry category your business falls into. This research ensures I know your business very well, so I’m able to design a website that represents the uniqueness of the business or product. During this stage I will also research and price out potential plugins/applications required to meet your business objectives.  I will provide a list of these findings to you so we can work together to make a decision on the tools necessary.

2. Idea Generation & Design

When working on designs I start on paper, using numerous idea generation techniques, such as drawing a user interface, writing out sitemaps, and workflows. This is typically a very organic process and can vary from project to project. Any idea that comes to mind will be drawn on paper to explore the full depth of potential ideas for the website design.

Once the idea has been explored on paper I will move to the computer to begin your site mockup.  Depending on the complexity of your website I may mock it up in Adobe Illustrator or find samples of websites with a similar look and feel to what I am proposing for your business.  I will send along these examples and/or mockups to you as a kind of preview for what your site might look like.  Your feedback is important at this stage to ensure my vision for your website lines up with yours.  Generally at this stage we will schedule a call to discuss in detail where crucial action items will live on your website and discuss the design in more detail.

I will refer back to the objectives agreed upon at all times, to ensure the website design meets the agreed goals.

3. Presentation of Website Design Brief

Once a clear design direction is decided and the look and feel have been established, I will present my findings in the form of a PDF.  This will include web design samples and/or mockups for look and feel, the sitemap, tools I have researched or tested with my recommendations, and a list of items I will need to move forward to the development stage.  The Website Design Proposal will include supporting notes explaining the decisions made and any plugin or application pricing I found in research or received from vendors. I only present designs and technology solutions I am confident in, and will give you my opinion on which I believe will be most suitable for your business.

4. Development & Delivery

Once we are both happy with the findings presented in the Website Design Proposal, and you have delivered the items listed in the proposal, I will begin building the website.  The website will be built in WordPress using the Divi theme.  This allows for delivery of a flexible, responsive design in a timely manner with limited requirement for custom coding.  The Divi theme makes for easy editing upon site completion and a wealth of possibilities for future customization.

Once the site is ready for the initial review I will provide a URL to the homepage so you can begin your assessment.  The first round of revisions we focus primarily on reviewing wireframing and user experience, text and images can easily be switched at any time.  We will do two major rounds of site revisions (by phone, email, message, or in person), and once we are both happy with the final product we are ready to launch the website.

5. Training & Support

After your website is live I will record a custom training video for your ongoing reference.  From this you will learn how to edit the text and images on your website to ensure you can update website information as needed.  I also offer optional 1-2 hour in person training with each website design.  This is a two hour session provided to one individual who will be managing the website.  This training would be held after the website has launched.  Ongoing training, support and site edits can be purchased in “Phases”, “Packages”, or at an hourly rate.

If you have any questions about the website design process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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